We are developers of cloud network "WELLNESS"

ULESTAFICAZ created cloud-based environments based on self-learning neural networks aka Artificial Intellect

Our Web-based Cloud Wellness network allows people to be warned and to learn about and playing an active role in personal health. Being well enhances your personal health, and helps ensure the future health of our communities and the world. When we care about personal surroundings, we experience a greater sense of comfort and less anxiety.

The four pillars of our wellness products’ success lay down in innovations and decades of Hi-tech research focusing on science and health. Our products are always enhanced to help people to live in more harmony with themselves and the planet and community. As obesity, asthma, inactivity, and depression rates soar to epidemic levels around the globe, the importance of wellness and the health impacts of products are gaining more attention.

Our body lives in a natural environment which Includes water, light, land, air and which are upon a time become polluted and all organisms that live in nature need extra attention to reduce the negative effects of pollution. Technologies are used in our products consist of electromagnetic waves which are absolutely safe for the human body, have no side effects, and can be used by people of all ages.

The program works on operating systems of the Windows family, as well as MacOS.


To get started and stay tuned with our wellness products range and send us feedback of your experience to use our products.

Not medical device

As our products are not medical devices, so it can be used at home without a doctor's prescription, and it is not late to start to measure, track and adjust your wellness.

Every business is different, each with a unique set of needs and challenges

Thanks to Cloud Network driven by AI technology, you get a lot of advantages:

  • all information stored in the cloud;
  • you can have access to your information from anywhere in the world, from any computer on which you have Wellness Cloud Network “agent” installed;
  • the program is constantly updated automatically and free of charge, so you will always have the latest version of the software. The program is being developed very actively, about a hundred updates releasing yearly.
  • The program has a built-in self-improvement algorithm. The more people who are tested, the more accurately the neural network results appear.


  • The program interface is user-friendly and clear, and designed so that it looks good on the display of any resolution of the monitor.
  • In the News section, you can always find out what has appeared in the program recently and what updates have occurred.
  • The Register section displays a list of everyone who has passed the test. There is a list of sessions with the ability to quickly search below. There is all the information, you can open a full report or send it to the email..
  • Adding a new customer is simple. You enter all the data and, if desired, make notes for yourself.
  • If the client is already in the program database or has been tested by another program operator, the program will warn you about this and offer to download this data.
  • The program is provided for an extended questionnaire, which the customer himself can pre-fill at home, or fill out or edit with the help of an operator before testing. This questionnaire helps to obtain preliminary information about the customer and build the correct logical chain of verification by nosodes using the method of vegetative resonance testing.
  • Testing is based on measuring the electrical resistance of biologically active points of six leads.
  • After the end of the session, the data appears in the session table, where you can send a measurement for processing, as well as compose and record the unique complex for the Life Balance device. The system analyzes current indicators, as well as indicators of previous measurements, makes a sample from the base on the server and makes up an individual frequency complex.
  • The principle of testing preparations on an electronic copy is based on measurements with the inclusion of the studied frequency in the measuring circuit. The frequency is generated by the device from an electronic copy of the substances stored in the memory of the device or from the resonator’s container. Having received the result, is possible to see the probabilistic effect of the substance.
  • Electronic copies of substances are added by the developer to the menu for free at the request of program users.
  • Thanks to the Product Selection section, according to the test results, you can automatically distribute more than four hundred food products into groups: negatively and positively affecting products, as well as neutral products.
  • In the Electropuncture section, there are two types of testing. The first type is vegetative resonance testing. There is a selector base consisting of several tens of thousands of test resonant frequencies - nosodes, which allows you to identify probabilistic problems, the etiological factor and its role, select an individual scheme and monitor the process.
  • Here you can create groups of preparations, create programs for the Life Balance series device, as well as a program for recording into the reprinter and much more.
  • Separately, you can connect a neural network that collects statistics from several hundred thousand measurements of program users around the world, realizing what problems this user may have most likely, will prioritize testing and check which nosodes to test first of all. This greatly speeds up the work via this type of testing.

The second type of testing in this section is the electroacupuncture test

  • Three types of indicators, auxiliary panels, a comparison system and much more will be suitable for all specialists working with this testing method.
  • The BRT section contains programs for passive bio resonance therapy. On the left, there is a list with meridians. Double-click to add them to the program execution table.
  • The system will automatically select meridians based on indicators that go beyond the normal range.
  • In the Complexes menu item, there is a table of all test sessions. Each session can be processed, an individual complex can be made up and recorded into the device.
  • The general condition of the systems displays a visual diagram for each system with different colors. Also, here you will see the normal range and numerical indicators.
  • The Dynamics section will help you to view the dynamics of processes by analyzing several measurements at once. At the same time, you can see the prevailing parameters on the circular diagram, as well as turn on the forecast mode and see on the basis of mathematical modeling what condition the test expects after a certain period. The chart displays all selected sessions, as well as the normal range for each system.
  • A drop-down list in the middle of the display allows you to switch from a realistic image to a schematic one. This may be necessary when the image of the body is unacceptable for religious or ethical reasons.
  • In the Spine menu item, a spine chart is displayed, projecting the state of the organs on the vertebrae. Each vertebra will be displayed in a corresponding color. By clicking on the vertebrae or their designations, on the right, you can see the organs associated with it and possible problems with dislocation of the vertebral disk.
  • The system displays a level indicator on a colored background, on gray - there is the phenomenon of decline and, in percentage, the level of deviation from the normal range.
  • "Energy system" allows you to find a connection between the emotional-characterological type of the person being tested, using the ancient system of knowledge about energy centers (chakras).
  • In this section, you can see the interpretation of the conclusion in the form of chakras. The opened “chakra” is represented by the maximum size, the closed - by the minimum.
  • The DOWN arrow means getting (cumulative) of energy, the UP arrow means radiation (loss) of energy.
  • Auragram is an interpretation of a report on 47 organs and systems in the form of a circular chart.
  • By clicking on the numbers on this image or in a column, you can visualize the organ or system associated with them on the right. When you click on an indicator in a column, the panel displays organs and causes that may be caused by this change.
  • In the Biological age menu item, you see the relevant indicators, as well as the tendency for the next 20 years and the causes of aging.
  • The Vitamin's section reflects the probability of the body absorbing these vitamins in the form of circular charts. 100% filling indicates that this vitamin is well absorbed. Partial filling indicates poor absorption.
  • List of substances of probable toxic load, including heavy metals.
  • Separately, you can view the report on the result of the product selection
  • Also, you can get a report on the zodiac diet and sports nutrition in the program.
  • In the Generating reports section, you can generate the report you need by selecting the desired type with checkmarks. The report can be printed on a printer, sent to a specified email, or saved in PDF file.
  • The program has a built-in user manual in different languages ​​that describes all sections of the program, basic principles and other information about the program.

This is only a small part of the features

Access to the unique Wellness Cloud Network is available on a paid basis.

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